No Excuses

No Excuses

Let me start by saying it’s Monday, it’s gloomy and kinda cold for August weather. But, no excuses today because I got to get back in workout mode.
Fridge is stocked with clean foods. No room for junk food.
It really does make all the difference how you fuel your body if you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle or just eat better.
So for anybody trying to get fit and eat healthy, don’t give up. Even if you didn’t stick perfectly to your meal plans or workout routine, don’t give up. The point is to keep moving forward.
P.S. The 30 min Cardio Routine changed the way I was working out. I used to just run, but after I tried this cardio workout I got stronger. It was easier to add other workouts to my routine (crossfit, Insanity, weight lifting…) after I did this for a month.
It’s definitely a good starting point for anybody trying to get started on working out.

Happy Monday Lovelies!!!


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